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Most people find it very healing to talk to a supportive, caring person. Feeling truly heard by someone is important and makes you feel better. For many concerns, that person may be a particular friend or family member you turn to when you are stressed or overwhelmed. But sometimes, you need more. That’s when counseling can help.

Whether it is because you do not have a close friend or family member that you feel you can talk to; your problems seem too private or personal to share with those to whom you are closest; or because it feels that your problems are simply beyond the help you can get from those you already know, counseling is a great step towards improved health and healing.

Counselors are professionally-trained listeners, which means that they are committed to giving you their undivided attention so that you feel fully heard. Additionally, counselors are able to apply their expert knowledge and guidance, helping you get to the root of your problems, overcome emotional challenges, and make positive, long-lasting changes in your life.

Counseling is an interactive, collaborative process between counselor and client. The ultimate goal of counseling, regardless of the specific reason(s) one may have for seeking it, is the realization of a happier, more satisfying, healthier life. To facilitate this, it is the counselor’s role to assist each client in achieving a deeper level of self-understanding and personal responsibility.

The counselor-client relationship is a unique one. The relationship of the counselor to the client is focused on developing trust, openness, and is non-judgmental. But, the counselor is not your friend, not a relative, not a co-worker, not your parent. However, your counselor is someone with whom a professional form of intimacy often occurs, as you discover that the counselor is someone with whom you can share virtually anything about yourself and be met with kindness, compassion, and supportive guidance.

On your first visit to counseling, you will want to arrive a few minutes early if you can in order to fill out a little bit of paperwork. At the beginning of our counseling sessions, I will typically invite you to start with whatever you would like to discuss, ask, or share. It is normal to feel a little awkward with the counseling process at first, but most people feel comfortable relatively quickly and look forward to their counseling sessions.

Every client is different and unique and I appreciate this. Some clients love “homework” and if I haven’t given them anything specific that they might want to work on prior to our next counseling session, they will ask before leaving, “So, what should I work on this week?”; other clients don’t like homework at all and simply want to let whatever work we’ve done in the counseling session sink in on its own between counseling sessions. Some clients come in and know exactly what they want to talk about and just need to be heard and given some light reflection from the counselor, while others have much less they feel they compelled to say, and look to the counselor to ask some good questions to help things along or suggest where to take the counseling session. Be yourself in counseling and know that good work can happen.

As a counselor, most of my clients have a counseling session with me once a week, at least initially. At a certain point, most know when they are ready to increase or decrease the frequency of their counseling sessions. The frequency of your counseling sessions is always up to you. However, my recommendation is that you begin counseling by seeing your counselor once a week.
I am ever-impressed with my clients. Making the decision to seek out a counselor to do some good work on oneself is commendable! I am inspired no-end by the work and growth I see in my clients.

I look forward to working with you.

Feel free to call or email me if you have any questions or concerns about whether or not counseling is right for you. Phone: 469-955-6579 Email: heidi@counselorheidi.com.


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